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Health coaching
Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp Spa
Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp Spa
Signet Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Health Coaching
at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Want to Be the Best Version of You?

Are you feeling run down? Struggling with a specific health issue? Perhaps you wish to future-proof your wellbeing? Our Functional Medicine Health Coach Kim Smolders is a wellness industry expert. Her mentorship involves personalised diet and lifestyle changes to help you achieve optimal health and make you feel your best.

We take a direct approach to help you discover the best wellness routines for you, empowering you to meet your unique health objectives.

Health Coaching at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp
Health Coaching at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Everything You Need to Know
About Health Coaching at the Botanic

What Does a Health Coach Do?

A health coach focuses on personalised wellbeing, and looks at each person individually. We take a close look at your lifestyle, nutrition, movement, relationships, sleep and stress load, and try to identify the root cause of any imbalances you may be experiencing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Together we then create a plan to change certain aspects of your lifestyle, because when these components are well balanced, you become healthier in mind and body, and enjoy a more energetic, fulfilled life.

What Makes a Health Coach at the Botanic Unique?

Our people! Our health coach works closely with our Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional European Medicine practitioners and our personal trainers to find the right solutions for you. Together we explore your emotional, physical and dietary issues and create an empowering framework to lead you on a path towards your best life!

Kim Smolders Health Coaching at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp
Kim Smolders Health Coaching at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

What Sets Our Health Coach Apart?

Kim is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach – so the crème de la crème of health coaching! As someone who has been through her own personal health issues and trauma, Kim understands just how important it is to have an empathetic ear alongside professional advice. She looks at every aspect of your lifestyle to find ways you can really optimise your health and yourself!

Kim Smolders

Kim Smolders

Health coaching at the Botanic is led by Kim Smolders, a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Her journey into the holistic health world was prompted by her own health challenges and a deep desire to pursue a more authentic self and lifestyle. This holistic lifestyle not only healed her, but also inspired her to share her knowledge to help others become the best version of themselves – mentally, emotionally, and physically. The holistic health enthusiast launched her wellbeing career by studying health coaching at the Dr Sears Wellness Institute in the US, then specialised at the internationally acclaimed Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). She now works with Xavier Le Clef and Ingmar Harthoorn to transform lives at the Botanic Health Spa and Club!

Why Do You Need a Health Coach?

  • You suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure
  • Your hormones are out of whack
  • You’re stressed or burnt out
  • You’re having digestive issues
  • You would like to manage chronic illness by means of a healthier lifestyle
  • You’re not unwell, but realise it’s time for a change to prevent future ailments
  • You want to feel your best and thrive at any age and stage in your life
  • You would like to address the root cause of your health issues

Health Coaching is Right for You If

  • You are willing to do the work. Health coaches can’t wave a magic wand and suddenly make you drink more water, eat less processed food, and move your body more – you have to be ready to make these changes yourself, at home, and on a constant basis

  • You want more vitality! You don’t need to completely overhaul your whole life, just a few minor changes make all the difference

  • You would like someone supportive to be your cheerleader, guide, and accountability partner on your journey towards a better, healthier, happier lifestyle

I Need a Health Coach, What Next?

We recommend booking a course of 5 to 10 sessions with Kim, to give you time to make changes and see the differences. However, she is also available for one-off half-hour or hour-long sessions.

Health Coaching

10 session block | €1,200

Health Coaching

5 session block | €600

Health Coaching

60-minute session | €120

Health Coaching

30-minute session | €60

Working with the BHC

You’re working with our Director of Sports Ingmar Harthoorn to tone up, lose weight or deal with some other fitness issue. We say, take it up a notch! Health coach Kim’s nutritional guidance is second to none. Take her advice, it’s good! She’ll tell you what foods to steer clear of and which to favour. Her tips, ideas, recipes and short-term plans empower you to create your own long-term nutrition plan to follow at home! Combining your workout with diet and lifestyle changes ensures maximum results!

Working with the BHS

So, you’ve had your Health MOT full body screening and now you know more about the state of your health. But what next? Yes, you can take medicines and tinctures, but wouldn’t it be great to delve even deeper into the root causes, really get right in there and revise the habits that have contributed to your symptoms and issues? That’s what Kim is here to help you with!

Holistic Healer

Programme Benefits
Improves overall health and optimise your wellbeing Reinvent your daily habits

Your Customised Journey includes

  • 1 Consultation with our holistic health coach
  • 1 Nutrition consultation with our holistic health coach
  • 2 Personal training sessions
  • 2 Mylife Changer body treatments
  • 4 Healthy lunches
  • Complimentary spa & pool access

7-day programme from €889*
*excludes accommodation

Lifestyle Changes

Functional Medicine Health Coaching at the Botanic Health Spa offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Highly personalised, this form of coaching takes as its starting point the interconnectedness of body and mind, focusing on identifying the root causes of symptoms, pain and discomfort. To help you achieve optimal health and prevent illness, your health coach will empower you to manage your own lifestyle, nutrition, exercise regime, relationships, sleep and stress. With these components in place, you become healthier in mind and body, enjoying a more energetic, fulfilled life.

Pain, discomfort, chronic symptoms and illness brought on by toxins, stress, poor nutrition and lack of exercise cause us to live suboptimally. We are overweight, tired, anxious, lacking vitality and physically weak. Our current way of life has us out of touch with our natural selves, and our symptom-focused medical system is not set up for us to thrive and live the lives we are destined to. Modern health care often treats the symptoms of illnesses rather than addressing the root causes. Functional Medicine Health Coaching at the Botanic Health Spa delves deep into each person’s unique story to see what needs to be tweaked, changed, removed or added to achieve balance in mind, body and soul.

We work with the client by exploring emotional, physical and dietary issues and creating a framework within which they find empowerment and a path towards living their best life!

Eating the right food can quite literally change our lives, keeping us healthy and helping to heal us when we are not. Choosing nutrient-dense foods helps to transform our bodies and minds. Good, healthy nourishment allows us to thrive physically and mentally. Phytonutrients, polyphenols, flavanoids, anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fats, all found in natural wholesome foods, are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, reducing oxidative stress and providing the essential nutrients that are building blocks for body cells, brain cells, tissues and muscles. Food is also vital for a healthy microbiome, which holds the key to our immune system and general health.

Conversely, the wrong foods can make us very sick. The average western diet contains far too much processed food, sugar, refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. This has such adverse effects on our body that it has led to the increase of chronic illnesses and nutrient deficiencies as well as behavioural changes and cognitive disfunction. Food is information to every cell in our body. When we are not eating a colourful, natural, healthy, and wholesome diet, we fail to give our bodies the data they need. Instead, we stuff them with information that makes us sicker and weaker, reducing our ability to live a long, healthy life.

In today’s world, stress is accepted as an inevitable part of everyday life. However, many people are unaware of their own excessive stress levels, and that, to function optimally, they need to consciously manage their exposure to stress. Mindfulness practices such as meditation, practising gratitude, breathwork, journaling, Yoga and Pilates are all tried and tested ways to help us manage and reduce stress and the effects of stress on our bodies. Identifying and sustaining a daily mindfulness practice we enjoy is key to a healthy life.


Do I need to be a member of the Botanic Health Club or a guest at the Botanic Sanctuary?

No, outside guests are more than welcome to book sessions!

Can I have weekend or evening sessions?

Yes, we are flexible to suit your needs.

How many sessions will I need before I start seeing changes?

This will differ for everyone depending on your current situation and physiological symptoms. If you do the work, you will feel changes pretty quickly!

If I need to rearrange a session how much notice must I give?

Please inform us of a cancellation or appointment change at least 48 hours ahead of your session to avoid being charged the full session price.

Where do these sessions take place?

The sessions take place in a private room at the Botanic Health Spa. Please come to the BHS reception at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

If I have booked health coaching, can I use the Botanic Health Spa or Club afterwards?

After a health coaching session, you are welcome to enjoy a drink or healthy snack in the Botanic Health Bistro, but spa access is not included.

What should I wear for our sessions?

Feel free to wear anything you feel comfortable in.

Is there anything I need to prepare for our first session?

For the intro session you will not need to prepare anything – it is a getting to know each other session. Ahead of the first session after this you will be asked to fill out some documents that will give us both a deeper insight into your current situation, and nutrition and lifestyle choices. Past health assessment documents could also be useful to give us a broader understanding of your past and current health status.

Do I need to bring anything with me for our sessions?

Unless you have been asked to fill in certain documents, just yourself!

I’m pregnant, is functional medicine health coaching appropriate for me?

Of course! Functional Medicine Health Coaching is suitable for everyone as it is a tailored and truly personalised approach to your health and wellbeing. We will look at your unique circumstance and needs and work together on a health optimisation plan, just for you.

Botanic’s Customised Journeys

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