Visit Antwerp

Discover Antwerp, a City Where History, Fashion, Diamonds and Gastronomy Blend Seamlessly With Modern Elegance

Explore Antwerp from Botanic Sanctuary, your luxurious gateway to a city where history, fashion, and culture converge. Just steps away from the hotel, embark on an adventure through Antwerp’s diverse districts, each brimming with unique charms and treasures.

Our Wonderful City

Historic Antwerp as destionation hotel Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp
Historic Antwerp as destionation hotel Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp
Discover City of Antwerp with Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Fashion District - Trendsetter's Paradise

Immerse yourself in Antwerp's Fashion District, a mecca for fashion lovers. Stroll through streets lined with high-end boutiques and avant-garde designers. Discover unique Belgian fashion labels and international brands.

Visit notable spots like the Modemuseum (MoMu) for fashion exhibitions. Explore exclusive boutiques on Nationalestraat and designer stores around Lombardenvest.

Diamond District - Sparkling Splendour

Explore the world-renowned Diamond District, a dazzling hub of precious gems and fine jewellery. Witness the artistry of diamond cutting and delve into the rich heritage of Antwerp's gem trade.

Tour the Diamond Museum to understand the gem's journey. Browse through numerous jewellers on Hoveniersstraat for exquisite pieces.

Gastronomy - A Culinary Journey

Savour the flavours of Antwerp, from traditional Belgian fare at cozy bistros to innovative dishes at Michelin-starred restaurants. Do not miss the city's famous chocolates and waffles!

Did you know that some of the best restaurants in Belgium are housed in Botanic Sanctuary and the Botanical Garden? Explore them here.

Harbour - Historic and Modern Blend

Visit Antwerp's bustling harbour, where history meets modernity. Enjoy waterfront views, explore maritime museums, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of this essential port city.

Explore the MAS Museum for maritime history and enjoy waterfront dining at one of the many restaurants along the harbour.

Art - Canvas of Creativity

Delve into Antwerp's artistic landscape, from classic art in historic museums to cutting-edge exhibitions in contemporary galleries. The city's rich artistic heritage is a feast for the senses.

Visit the Rubenshuis for classical art and the Museum of Contemporary Art (M HKA) for modern works. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA) is also a must-visit.

Historic City Centre - Architectural Wonderland

Wander through the historic city centre, adorned with medieval buildings, Gothic churches, and Renaissance architecture. The charming cobblestone streets are steeped in history.

Explore the Grote Markt for historic buildings, visit the Cathedral of Our Lady, and stroll around the charming streets of the old town.

Theatre District - Stage of Diversity

Experience the pulse of Antwerp's Theatre District. From classic plays to modern performances, this cultural hub offers a wide array of entertainment options.

Enjoy a show at the Royal Ballet of Flanders or the Flemish Opera. The Bourla Theatre is also renowned for its classical and modern performances.