Embark on a culinary journey at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, where Michelin-starred and other refined experiences await. Enjoy an array of savoury delights, crafted by renowned chefs into visual and flavourful masterpieces from the finest ingredients. Your gourmet experience with us is more than a meal — it is a captivating journey of flavours.

Wake up to our Botanic Breakfast Experience, a lavish buffet celebrating local producers. From delicate fish and seafood to outstanding Belgian cheeses, artisanal bread, and charcuterie, each item is a nod to culinary excellence.

Discover the epitome of style and sophistication at Henry’s Bar & Bistro. A unique blend of convivial atmosphere, exquisite drinks, and world-class dining.

Join us for the Botanic Sunday Brunch – the dreamiest way to end the week, unwinding with family and friends.

Michelin-starred restaurant Het Gebaar is where Roger van Damme makes every lunchtime adventure or teatime treat a perfect experience.

2 Michelin-starred restaurant Hertog Jan by Gert de Mangeleer and Joachim Boudens is revived at the Botanic where the fine dining incorporates a glasshouse, beehives and an herb garden – as well as uncompromisingly stunning cuisine.

Michelin-starred restaurant Fine Fleur presents Jacob Jan Boerma & Thomas Diepersloot’s profound passion for seasonal and regional ingredients to create extraordinary taste sensations.

Bar Bulot is another of Gert de Mangeleer & Joachim Boudens’s gastronomic creations and sister to the Michelin-starred Bar Bulot in Bruges. It’s a chic à la carte brasserie serving traditional Belgian and French fare and a metropolitan vibe.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp offers sublime settings for private dining experiences in Antwerp. Book your private dinner today.