Customized Spa Journeys

Transformative Journeys, Tailored to Your Essence

Discover the epitome of luxury and personalized care with our Customized Spa Journeys at Botanic Health Spa.

Whether you are seeking to detoxify, celebrate a special event, or indulge in our signature experiences, each journey is meticulously crafted to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Our exclusive packages combine therapeutic treatments, nutritional meals, and full access to our spa amenities, ensuring a transformative and rejuvenating experience.

holistic healing with TCM and TEM at Botanic Health Spa
holistic healing with TCM and TEM at Botanic Health Spa
holistic healing with TCM and TEM at Botanic Health Spa

Our Spa Journeys

Embrace a comprehensive detoxification process designed to cleanse and revitalize your body and mind. This journey includes:

  • Day 1: MOT screening, Detox and Slimming Treatment, Healthy Lunch, Floating Experience & Detox Wrap, Free Spa Access.
  • Day 2: Toning Body Treatment, Healthy Lunch, Deep Relaxation with Aromatherapy, Signature Facial, Free Spa Access.
  • Day 3: Somatic Massage, Healthy Lunch, Head to Toe Treatment, Health Coaching Session.

Experience the best of Botanic Health Spa with our Signature Journey, including:

  • Signature Facial
  • Healthy Lunch
  • MOT Screening
  • Signature Treatment

Perfect for weddings or special occasions, this journey ensures you look and feel your best:

  • Day 1: Signature Facial, Healthy Lunch, Wedding Makeup Trial, Pedicure, Free Spa Access.
  • Day 2: Renew & Radiance Facial, Healthy Lunch, Manicure, Hair Styling Trial.
  • Event Day: Makeup Application, Hair Styling, Free Spa Access.

Tailored for You: Unforgettable Spa Experiences

At Botanic Health Spa, our Customized Spa Journeys are more than just treatments; they are holistic experiences that cater to your well-being. From the moment you arrive, you’ll enter a world where your needs are anticipated and your expectations are surpassed.

Whether you’re detoxifying your body, preparing for an event, or simply treating yourself to our signature offerings, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world with renewed vitality.

Opening Hours

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary where beauty and tranquillity meet. Our doors open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, inviting you to step into a world where time is dedicated to your rejuvenation and serenity.


Embark on your journey to refinement and well-being with ease. For inquiries, reservations, or to simply learn more about our exclusive treatments and personalized spa journeys, don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

Tel: +32 3 2690010

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