Botanic Health Spa - Treatments
Botanic Health Spa - Treatments

Botanic Health Spa

Holistic Healing and Ease

The Botanical Garden and monastic heritage are integral to the Botanic Health Spa culture: a future-oriented health concept that reflects a healthy approach to life – heal your spirit, free your mind, change your lifestyle, explore nature and feel reborn.

The holistic focus of the Botanic Health Spa comprises naturopathy, phytotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional European Medicine (TEM) as well as ancient healing and preventive methods. The innovate skincare concept is based on two pillars: exclusive, eco-certified organic skincare inspired by the Botanical Garden, and revolutionary medical skincare that offers anti-ageing, skin improvement and rejuvenation solutions.

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From East and West

A quintessential element of the Botanic Health Spa concept combines acupuncture and herbal therapy administered by a team of highly qualified and experienced therapists. Unique monastic remedies combine herbalism, phytotherapy and nutritional consultation to provide a holistic and complementary approach to health. Spiritual retreats and workshops offer an additional dimension to growth and self-exploration. Yoga, meditation, breathing and mindfulness classes connect body and mind to reduce stress, reenergise, and increase overall wellbeing.

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