Botanic Health Spa - Treatments
Botanic Health Spa - Treatments

Luxury Spa Breaks

Botanic’s Customised Journeys

The approach to healing at the Botanic Health Spa reflects our destination’s monastic history. Customised Journeys are luxury spa breaks offering additional dimensions for self-exploration and growth. Each journey has been carefully curated with one goal in mind: your wellbeing. Whether you wish to up your fitness game, reverse the signs of ageing, or de-stress after a long day at the office, we have a solution for you.

Heal your spirit, free your mind, change your lifestyle, explore nature and feel reborn.

Embark on your customised journey.

Xavier Le Clef – Spa Director, holistic medicine and TCM practitioner
Ingmar Harthoorn – Spa Director and Director of Sports

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Botanic Health Spa Antwerp Customised Journeys

Botanic Health Spa – Customised Journeys

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