Experience the Botanical Journey

Botanic Health Spa Customised Journeys

Half-day treatment programme

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Banish stress by spending time in our Botanical Garden. Explore what the outside world provides us, breathe, meditate and reconnect with nature …

Benefits of the Programme

Restore vibrancy to stressed skin

Revitalising and nourishing

Activating your energy

Experience the Botanical Journey

The Programme

  • 1 Bio Skin Energising facial – This inspirational treatment features a lactic acid peel to balance skin. The targeted supply of moisture eliminates dryness and energises the skin with astonishing effectiveness. A lipid-restoring mask with personalised serums boosts resistance to restore vibrancy and smoothness to stressed skin

  • 1 Herbal Magic holistic experience  – Purification and healing with the hidden power of herbs. The ritual starts with a mild enzymatic exfoliating scrub that gently eliminates dead cells and impurities, leaving skin instantly smooth and velvety soft. Embedded in the warmth of the flotation bed, dive into the mist of botanical herbs and breathe gently as you enjoy a restorative body wrap. A hot stamp massage relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood flow ensuring you leave with fresh, hydrated and noticeably smoother skin

Your Spa Journey Includes

Choose Your Stay

The Experience the Botanical Journey programme can be booked with or without a stay at the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp. This programme requires a minimum stay of 1 night. For your comfort and to ensure we are able to cater to all your requirements, it is highly recommended to between Monday and Thursday.

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Embark on Your Customised Journey

Experience the Botanical Journey Programme – treatment days only

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Embark on Your Customised Journey

Experience the Botanical Journey Programme + accommodation


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