Het Gebaar

Where Culinary Artistry Meets Enchantment

Welcome to Het Gebaar, an enchanting culinary haven in the heart of Antwerp’s Botanical Garden. This charming, gingerbread-style house, which used to be the home of the hospital’s apothecary, is now the playground of Michelin-starred chef Roger van Damme, famous for his desserts and named World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2017.

At Het Gebaar, every lunch becomes a journey of gastronomic discovery, and every teatime treat transforms into a memorable experience. Under Roger’s masterful guidance, alongside his wife Cindy and their passionate team, the restaurant has flourished into a beacon of culinary innovation and excellence.

Here, the art of dining is elevated to new heights, where Roger’s versatility, technical prowess, and rich culinary heritage, inspired by his great-grandfather’s baking skills, come alive in every dish. Roger’s creations are a testament to his relentless pursuit of perfection and innovation.

Menu information

Delight in a menu where savoury starters and mains showcase Roger’s inventive creativity, with dishes like gambero rosso with yuzu and jalapeño, or the signature beef tartare. The pièce de résistance, however, lies in the desserts, a testament to Roger’s world-renowned pastry skills.

Opening hours

  • Open for lunch and dessert: 11 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Closed in weekends


To experience the culinary delights of Het Gebaar, book your table via email at welkom@hetgebaar.be or visit the website for more information.

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