Top Performer

Botanic Health Spa Customised Journeys

2-day treatment programme

from €693

Brain work instead of body work. Sensory overload and digitalisation. The pace and demands of work are increasing. It’s time to overcome stress – the plague of a knowledgeable society.

Benefits of the Programme

Individual performance management

Healthy environment and conditions

Efficient methods of stress and energy level management

Top Performer

The Programme

  • 1 Full body screening & insightful diagnosis

  • 1 Personal training session with Director of Sports, Ingmar Harthoorn

  • 1 Individual 1-hour treatment sessions focussing on the results from your screening, e.g., detoxification, recuperation, regeneration, cell health, gut health, endocrine function, inflammation management, immune system support

  • 1 Experience massage ritual: An invigorating and rejuvenating massage to release muscular tension, stress and mental fatigue

  • 1 Fast track to a fresh look facial – tailored to your skin, to meet the challenges life throws at it. This treatment eliminates toxins and impurities, stimulates the lymphatic system, and counteracts lymphatic congestion

Your Spa Journey Includes

Choose Your Stay

The Top Performer programme can be booked with or without a stay at the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp. This programme requires a minimum stay of 2 nights. For your comfort and to ensure we are able to cater to all your requirements, it is highly recommended to arrive between Monday and Thursday.

Botanic Health Spa Double Treatment Room
Embark on Your Customised Journey

Top Performer Programme – treatment days only

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Embark on Your Customised Journey

Top Performer programme + accommodation

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