Gut Cleanser

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90-minute treatment programme

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A clean and healthy gut lets you eliminate illness-causing microorganisms. It allows you to digest all your food and let the important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients get absorbed by your entire body. Hence, in order to lower the risk of developing the disease, it is very important to clean your gut through a healthy diet, regular exercise and the use of distilled water and supplements.

Benefits of the Programme

Improve your gut health

Natural detoxification

Gut Cleanser

The Programme

  • 1 Morpho-Digestive Treatment to stimulate digestion and support the body in eliminating toxins

  • 1 Morpho-Lymph Drainage – to encourage natural detoxification and reduce skin tension

Your Spa Journey Includes

Choose Your Stay

The Gut Cleanser programme can be booked with or without a stay at the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp. This programme requires a minimum stay of 1 night.

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