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Driven by a profound appreciation of science, Granada Gallery showcases nature’s creativity as well as human artistry, moving with ease between the worlds of natural history, art and design. Artists from all over the world find inspiration here, often using our objects to create their own, distinct pieces.

We began in Tucson, USA, the world’s most important platform for the mineral and fossil trade, and have been blending geology, design, art and the memory of evolution since 2013. In addition to our Arizona atelier, we also exhibit at international events and at our galleries in Antwerp and Lanaken. Our latest incarnation in the jewellery capital and gateway to Europe is situated within the historic walls of the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp. This ensures we bring the rarest fossils, minerals, gemstones, meteorites and even dinosaurs from around the world to the most discerning audience.

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Jochen Leën X Granada Gallery

Granada Gallery and Jochen Leën share a passion for the rarest, most precious of gems, so it was only natural that we should join forces at the Botanic. The jewellery designer to the stars creates one-of-a-kind, high-end jewels. He uses only the rarest stones – one of our major fields of interest. Whether pezzottaite, tourmaline or Tajikistan spinel, Jochen Leën designs perfect engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

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We extract gems from our own mines and excavation sites all over the world, ensuring they are the fruits of a sustainable, ecologically responsible and humanitarian approach. The stones are then entrusted to expert gemstone cutters to ensure the highest quality for Jochen to transform into unique pieces of jewellery at his Antwerp studio.

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Granada Gallery offers artists the chance to work with nature’s finest treasures.
Behind the Scenes at Granada Gallery

Over the years, Granada Gallery’s scientific passion and drive, together with the acquisition of our own mines and excavation sites, has resulted in a comprehensive collection of fossils, minerals and gemstones. Adding art and design to the mix, and showcasing nature as the ultimate creator, allows us to promote an understanding of natural history sparked by a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Our work with international museums and scientific institutions has resulted in numerous exhibitions and collaborations supported by Granada’s own team of distinguished paleontologists and gemmologists.

Granada’s excavations are conducted under the principles of sustainability and ecological responsibility to ensure safe working conditions and the natural balance of the environment.

Dinosaur fossil specimens, flora and fauna fossils and some of the rarest minerals on earth have made it into our huge collection. Our loans of individual objects or entire exhibitions to museums and venues bring a wide range of scientific specimens to many different parts of the world and support scientific projects.

Granada Gallery moves with ease between the worlds of science, art and design. Over the last several years, we have become a fixed feature at shows, pop-ups and events such as Art Basel Miami, TEFAF Maastricht, as Summit LA and Bombay Beach Biennale.


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