Detox to Shine & Renew

Botanic Health Spa Customised Journeys

4-day treatment programme

from €822

Feeling sluggish, heavy, fatigued and burnt out? Detox your body, activate your energy and restore natural balance. Since digestion is key to good skin, we invigorate the body’s energy points to stimulate the digestive system and support the body in eliminating toxins. All of our treatments are a combination of elements from Asian and European healing massages.

Benefits of the Programme

A short detox with great results

Promotes a radiant complexion

Improves skin tone and tissue firmness

Detox to Shine & Renew

The Programme

  • 1 Exfoliating body treatment – This magnesium scrub reflects the fragrances of an apothecary’s herb garden with its combination of pure natural essentials oils. Calming and anti-oxidising, this scrub is the TEM go-to remedy for healthy skin

  • 1 Curative® body wrap – refine your silhouette and visibly reduce cellulite

  • 1 Morpho-Digestive treatment to stimulate digestion and support the body in eliminating toxins

  • 1 The3CureMethod Signature facial treatment

  • 1 Morpho-Lymph Drainage – to encourage natural detoxification and reduce skin tension

  • 1 Botanical Full Body Renew Slimming treatment to stimulate the lymphatic and digestive systems, eliminate toxins and contour the body. Purifying and liberating

  • 1 Physio-Toning body treatment – to improve skin tone and tissue firmness

  • 1 Personal training session with Director of Sports, Ingmar Harthoorn

  • Herbal colon cleanse drinks

Your Spa Journey Includes

Choose your stay

The Detox to Shine & Renew programme can be booked with or without a stay at the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp. This programme requires a minimum stay of 4 nights. For your comfort and to ensure we are able to cater to all your requirements, it is highly recommended to arrive on Monday.

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Embark on Your Customised Journey

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