Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - TCM - TEM
Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - TCM - TEM

Traditional Chinese & European Medicine

East Meets West

A quintessential element of the spa concept combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional European Medicine (TEM) administered by a team of highly qualified and experienced therapists. Holistic medicine and TCM practitioner, Xavier Le Clef, has been studying and practising acupuncture, Chinese energetic medicine, osteopathy, kinesiology and physiotherapy for 25 years. His personal, caring approach supports clients dealing with a wide range of issues.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM assessment techniques, a patient’s medical history and in-depth consultation provide the information required to draw up a schedule of treatment options. Additional diagnostic methods are also offered.

Traditional European Medicine

We go back to our botanical roots, celebrating the healing plants that have been grown here ever since the monks first chose to settle here. Our passion for the best natural and sustainable remedies feeds into our holistic approach.


The Perfect Combo

A Passion For Nature

Our passion for the best quality, natural, sustainable and effective remedies feeds into our approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine, with our Botanical Signature Treatment offering the perfect amalgamation of both TCM and Traditional European Medicine.

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TCM & TEM Treatments
TCM Diagnosis & Personalised Treatment

An extraordinary partnership of two seemingly disparate worlds: we combine the best of two ancient healing arts, Traditional European Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We use massage techniques developed to stimulate specific points along the meridians to remove blockages and restore the flow of Qi, while healing herbal essences and botanicals bring about an even greater sense of wellbeing.

  • Bespoke measurement
  • Tongue-ear-pulse consultation
  • 40 mins bespoke acupuncture
  • 30 mins bespoke osteopathy
  • Facial enhancement
  • Scalp massage

120 minutes | €240

Fully Individualised TCM/TEM Treatment
Fully Individualised TCM/TEM Treatment

Harness the body’s self-repairing potential with osteopathy, the holistic method of detecting, treating and preventing health problems by moving, stretching and massaging muscles and joints. The smooth, joined-up functioning of bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue is vital to wellbeing – and your osteopath can help.

30 minutes | €80


In this gentle therapy, the basics of homeopathy are applied manually: through delicate touch the body is reminded of unhealed injuries and self-healing is initiated. This causal approach reaches irritation and trauma even if they are not remembered consciously.

30 minutes | €80


Injury, illness and disability can adversely affect the bones, joints, soft tissues, brain, nervous system, heart, circulation, lungs and breathing. A physiotherapist looks at your body as a whole in order to arrive at advice, exercise and therapy to help you overcome your specific issue.

30 minutes | €80

Performance Diagnostics

Optimises Wellbeing

The subtle energy fields that help regulate our body chemistry and cellular makeup – our vital fields – are the electromagnetic fields and impulses that promote the body’s own healing mechanisms. Today’s stressors, from pesticides and electrosmog to processed foods and overwork, can cause untold damage to our cells, resulting in a wide range of health issues. At the Botanic Health Spa, we discover the root cause of chronic issues with the help of performance diagnostics and vital field technology. We measure 200 million data points to identify stressors and their locations in the body. The resulting data forms the basis for a comprehensive, highly personalised treatment plan.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp
Performance Diagnostics & Treatments
Full Body Screening & Analysis

Ultra-weak electric impulses are transferred to the body via electrodes. Within only 14 minutes, more than 200 million individual measurements, in a frequency range from one Hertz to one billion Hertz, are carried out, which then serve as basis for analysis.

45 minutes | €175

Electromagnetic Frequency Treatment

Treatment programme as per therapeutic consultation.

30 minutes | €140

Blood Analysis

Appointments are available between 8am and 9am – get results within 48 hours. Please book at least a week in advance.

15 minutes | €45

Botanic Health Spa Antwerp Customised Journeys

Botanic Health Spa Treatment Menu
Botanic Health Spa Treatment Menu