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Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - Treatments - The3Cure

The 3 Cure Method – Physiodermie

The 3 Cure Method – Physiodermie

Beauty is a Matter of Principle

Méthode Physiodermie offers the perfect synergy between highly sophisticated ingredients and cutting-edge Swiss technology. The brand is the result of an in-depth study into morphological tendencies and their effect on individual aesthetic variations.

Active ingredients, adapted to the needs of individual morphological and physiological characteristics, have been incorporated into skincare products that truly benefit your skin. Analysing your morphological typology allows us to find the precise treatment for you.

Beyond personalised.


Methode Physiodermie is based on the interplay of the 3 Ts, the three pillars that support all our therapies:

Identifying the cause of skin anomalies: Wrinkles, blackheads, acne, hair loss
Personalised active-ingredient products for your skincare at home
Detoxifying and stimulating body and face treatments to enhance product effectiveness

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Type-Specific Treatment

During your initial consultation we will ask you about your medical history and, following a derma-scan, our certified therapists will arrive at your morphological tendency, analysing skin alterations and anomalies as well as physical and psychological imbalances. This forms the basis of your bespoke treatment plan which includes personalised serums. You will also receive a nutrition compass tailored to your type.

TECHNOLOGY – MEIMA Microencapsulation Technology

MEIMA uses an exceptionally high concentration of plant essences, releasing active ingredients where the skin needs them most. Combining two or more Bioaromes and special massage techniques helps us maximise the benefits.


Medical treatment techniques potentiate the effect of the active ingredients to achieve top results, supporting the body’s detoxification and boosting metabolic function to harmonise body, mind and spirit.

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Morphological Analysis

Type theory – everyone is an individual

Although we share many similarities, we’re all very individual. This is reflected in our character, physique, emotions, and even our skin. Morphological analysis is based on ancient typological theories that divide people into four different basic tendencies according to body type, muscular system, skin texture, hair structure and character traits. These theories have been revived and adapted to reflect the latest scientific findings for holistic (skin) health.


Morphological characteristics:

  • Face: triangular with a broad forehead and thin, narrow lips with drooping lines.
  • Build: long and skinny with narrow, thin shoulders; a narrow, long torso with little or no waist and a slender pelvis; long, skinny legs. The muscles are often underdeveloped and narrow, and the bone structure is also slim.
  • Skin: sallow and feels cold and dry.

General characteristics:
A nervous morphology indicates a quick-witted and abstract thinker who is independent, intuitive, dynamic and stable. A person with this tendency can also be nervous, subjective, irrational, critical, impatient, irritable, anxious, brusque and cynical.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - The3Cure - Type - Nervous
Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - The3Cure - Type - Bilious

Morphological characteristics:

  • Face: square or rectangular with fine, narrow lips and medium lines.
  • Build: a harmonious appearance with medium bone structure and well-defined muscles; broad, angular and straight shoulders; a slim, well-proportioned waist; well-proportioned chest and well-shaped pelvis (not as wide as the shoulders).
  • Skin: sallow to olive and feels warm and dry.

General characteristics:
A bilious morphology suggests a dynamic, practical, objective, controlled, precise, methodical and ambitious person who can also be prosaic, coarse, persistent, decisive, impatient, uncompromising and authoritarian and have a tendency to emotional outbursts.


Morphological characteristics:

  • Face: oval, hexagonal with thick, red lips and a broad lip line.
  • Build: robust and firm with a broad, solid bone structure and firm, rounded muscles; broad, slightly sloping shoulders; broad, square upper body that is more pronounced than the lower body. The chest is well developed, the pelvis wide and sloping forward.
  • Skin: pink and feels warm and moist.

General characteristics:
A sanguineous morphology reveals a dynamic optimist who tends to seek affirmation and approval. They are also down-to-earth, independent, lively, passionate, sociable, resourceful, decisive, impatient, impulsive and restless.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa-The3Cure-Type-Sanguineous

Morphological characteristics:

  • Face: round with soft, pale lips and a downturned mouth.
  • Build: plump and round with a large bone structure and weak muscles, often concealed under a layer of fat and retained water. The pelvic area, which is large, also tends to accumulate fluids. The shoulders are narrow and drooping, the upper body is large, short and lacks a waist, the chest is well developed and tends to sag.
  • Skin: white and opalescent, and feels cool and clammy.

General characteristics:
A lymphatic morphology denotes a practical and down-to-earth nature with a strong sense of community. Lymphatic types are highly adaptable, stable, calm, patient and methodical. At the same time, however, they can also be passive, slow, indecisive and suspicious. They are traditionalists and mistrust change.

Flawless Skin Has Many Faces

Méthode Physiodermie Skincare

Your Physiodermie therapist will create a treatment plan tailored to you, your history and morphological tendency. All the treatments combine elements from Asian and European therapeutic massage to ensure that the blood and lymph circulatory systems and muscles are thoroughly and efficiently stimulated. The detox treatments are designed to stimulate the body’s detox functions, remove pollutants and boost blood flow. Restoring balance to the body allows nutrients and oxygen to reinvigorate our cells. Signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

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All treatments include a rebalancing phase, enzyme peel, Bioaromes tailored to your morphology, a mask and a finishing treatment.

Type-specific active ingredient serums stimulate muscle tone to achieve natural lifting and a radiant complexion.

60 minutes | €125

TIP: Méthode Physiodermie Natural Lifting Add-On
25 minutes | €50

Microencapsulated hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin for an immediate, moisturising and rejuvenating effect.

65 minutes | €105

Restores the skin’s natural protective film with a Morpholymph® treatment and type-specific active ingredient serums.

65 minutes | €105

Innovative products made purely from active botanical ingredients with microencapsulation technology to combat inflammatory skin ageing processes and regulate sebum production.

65 minutes | €105



Clinically Effective Organic Skincare

When natural organics meet Swiss clinical effectiveness. Precisely dosed, scientifically proven ingredients respect the skin’s microbiome, going beyond ordinary certified organic cosmetics to provide effective skincare products. Your skin regains its natural beauty thanks to Clinical Swiss Organics of Methode Physiodermie. No need to choose between certified organic cosmetics and visible results.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - clinical swiss
    Certified ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife in compliance with the COSMOS Organic Standard

  • SAFE
    0% fragrance | silicone | paraben | mineral oil | EDTA/BHA/BHBT

    Simple and effective formula: only contains the essential ingredients for the desired effect, nothing more

    Functional ingredients with clinical effectiveness and the highest possible proportion of active substances

    ALL ingredients and their effect on your skin are listed on the packaging

    Every human being is unique. So we ensure our treatments are as unique as you are by tailoring them to your individual needs


The perfect express facial for a radiance boost! The greeting ritual includes a lactic acid peel to prepare skin for profound cleansing and subsequent absorption of the active ingredients. A mask supports cell regeneration to boost the overall repairing effect. The lymphatic system is stimulated, and skin cells are supplied with oxygen and nutrients before a concluding emulsion application to provide moisture and strengthen the skin’s natural protective shield.

45 minutes | €90

This treatment restores skin balance with a refining and smoothing lactic acid peel and a bioenergetic lymph massage to heighten your skin’s natural ability to self-regulate, actively combatting excess tissue fluid. Wellbeing, profound relaxation and increased skin vitality are the noticeable outcomes of the inner harmonisation that results. A concluding serum and powerful mask intensify the long-lasting effects. Natural high-tech for a smooth, relaxed and radiant complexion.

65 minutes | €105

This inspirational treatment features a lactic acid peel to balance skin. The targeted supply of moisture eliminates dryness and energises the skin with astonishing effectiveness. A lipid-restoring mask with personalised serums boosts resistance to restore vibrancy and smoothness to stressed skin. A boost to the spirit!

65 minutes | €105



Researched and Developed for Male Skin

Laboratoire Sintyl’s Chrono Repair Homme collection was developed specially for men following research on the particularities of male skin. Male skin is characterised by intense, energy-consuming cellular and glandular activity, a dense dermis and thick epidermis. Shaving also has a detrimental effect on skin, requiring gentle care and protection. Although male skin ages more slowly, but more aggressively than female skin as it is sensitive to the effects of time and free radicals. Chrono Repair Homme promotes balance and youthfulness, providing protection for male skin.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - Chrono Homme

Powerful, natural, effective!

Natural power for a dynamic and superbly groomed look.

50 minutes | €90

Fast track to a fresh look

The cleansing gel welcoming ritual is specially tailored to men’s skin, to meet the challenges life throws at it. This treatment eliminates toxins and impurities, stimulates the lymphatic system, and counteracts lymphatic congestion.

65 minutes | €105

Profound cell regeneration and moisture boost

This treatment reduces the visible signs of ageing and revitalises skin texture. Muscle tone is stimulated to provide a noticeable lift. The result is a radiant appearance and natural anti-ageing effect.

*only available as an add-on to a Chrono Repair Facial

25 minutes | €50