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Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - Treatmetns - Massages

Massages & Body Rituals

Reconnect with Your Body

Relaxing and stimulating massages bring about feelings of wellbeing as well as noticeable improvements to physical conditions. Here at Botanic Health Spa, we take you on a sensory journey to calm your mind, relieve stress and bring about profound relaxation.

Our techniques are designed to energise and rejuvenate as they help your body relax and release toxins. Our objectives are to relieve muscular tension, improve blood flow, lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and bring about a deep state of relaxation. Making you ready for anything.

Massages & Body Rituals

The Body Beautiful

Cocooning Experiences

Our massages, packs, wraps, peels and body rituals are perfect for giving your body the tender loving care it craves. Soothe your musculoskeletal system. Restore your skin’s natural protection. Release tension. Feel the love.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - Treatmetns - Massages & Body Rituals

Jardin de Grasse Experience Massage

An invitation to let go resulting in deep calm and relaxation, this gentle but firm full body massage uses long, fluid and enveloping movements to impart a profound sense of ease and comfort. The sense of release is augmented by additional focus on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, head and face. The sensory experience massage calms the mind, promotes relaxation and relieves stress.

90 minutes | €160
4 hands | 60 minutes | €240

Ryokan Réminiscence Experience Massage

A full body massage using deep palm and forearm pressure, continuous, fluid strokes inspired by lomi lomi massage to dissolve stress, tension, pain and muscle soreness. As the energy flow is restored, additional attention to legs and feet boosts the circulation, eases muscle aches and restores a sense of lightness. This treatment is the ideal solution for deep-seated and long-standing muscle tension.

90 minutes | €160
4 hands | 60 minutes | €240

Yuzu Imperial Experience Massage

The release of muscular tension and relief of stress and mental fatigue are the aims of this invigorating and rejuvenating massage which combines a range of techniques to relax the body and release toxins. Focusing on the trapezius muscle, upper back, neck, shoulders, thighs and calves breaks up the knotted muscle tissue that is commonly found in these areas to restore the spring in your step.

90 minutes | €160
4 hands | 60 minutes | €240

Cèdre Séculaire Experience Massage

Reconnect with your body and relax with this profoundly stress-reducing massage. Special attention is paid to the upper body, including the abdomen, back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, with passive stretching and firm pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility and relieve muscle and joint tension. The result is a sense of deep relaxation combined with restored energy.

90 minutes | €160
4 hands | 60 minutes | €240


Full Body Massage

Allow the therapeutic effects of this massage to soothe and de-stress your mind and body.

50 minutes | €95

Bespoke Body Massage

Our skilled therapists target your specific tension spots in order to treat muscle stiffness and pain.

Partial body: 25 minutes | €60

Full body: 50 minutes | €95

Release tension in back and trapezius. Tip: Enjoy with a facial or body peel.

25 minutes | €60


Deep Relaxation

Cocooned in soothing warmth in a state of near weightlessness, this treatment is the most golden of opportunities to relax every molecule in your body. The Kurland Soft-Pack® system flotation bed embraces your body like a waterbed, providing relief for muscles, joints and spirit as you settle into the position your spine has been dreaming of. The soothing heat relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood flow.

Music further promotes relaxation, taking you far from the everyday stresses and strains of life. The system’s Savar® technology converts music and speech into tactile vibrations, and the Savar® cube placed on your hand plays a series of sounds that bring about even deeper relaxation by reducing your heart rate. The vibrations have been scientifically proven to aid recovery after injury or illness as well as balancing the emotions.

40 minutes | €90

Holistic Experience

Purification and healing with the hidden power of herbs. The ritual starts with a mild enzymatic exfoliating scrub that gently eliminates dead cells and impurities, leaving skin instantly smooth and velvety soft. Embedded in the warmth of the flotation bed, dive into the mist of botanical herbs and breathe gently as you enjoy a restorative body wrap. A hot stamp massage relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood flow ensuring you leave with fresh, hydrated and noticeably smoother skin.

120 minutes | €240


Botanical Head-to-Toe Bespoke Treatment

Relax, restore, rebalance! This unique treatment includes face and body and we will select products and techniques perfect for your wants and needs. Absolute bliss for glowing skin, clarity of mind and a sense of energy!

120 minutes | €240

Customised Journeys

Botanic Health Spa – Customised Journeys