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Detox & Regeneration

Detox & Regeneration

Body Treatments

Restore natural balance and maximise your body’s detoxification functions with one of our specially selected body treatments. From boosting your immune system and feeling healthier to visibly reducing cellulite and refining your silhouette.

Whether you want to get rid of nasty toxins and feel fresher, eliminate dead cells and feel smoother, or relax your muscles and feel stronger, our bodilicious body treatments are for you. All detox treatments include a rebalancing phase as well as tailored Bioaromes.

Detox und Regeneration

Regeneration Station

Detoxing Never Felt So Good

Stimulate digestion. Exfoliate skin. Contour body. Strengthen muscles. And balance body, mind and soul. Specialised techniques combine with the very best healing products to give you exactly what you need for a well-deserved body boost!

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp - Health Spa - Treatmetns - Detox

Morpho-Digestive Treatment

Since digestion is key to good skin, we invigorate the body’s energy points to stimulate the digestive system and support the body in eliminating toxins. The activation of natural gastrointestinal processes restores your body’s natural balance as well as boosting your immune system. The perfect treatment to activate food absorption!

35 minutes | €50

Morpho-Lympho Drainage

We developed this invigorating massage with special techniques to stimulate the lymphatic system, drain excess fluid from tissues, excrete toxins, encourage natural detoxification, and reduce skin tension caused by water retention. Feel your body overflow with wellbeing and lightness. Supports natural detoxification!

50 minutes | €90

TIP: Combine with Morpho-Digestive abdominal treatment

Physio-Toning Body Treatment

This special muscle-maintenance massage technique improves skin tone and tissue firmness. By warming your muscles and improving blood flow we’re supplying oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. This invigorating treatment restores the body’s balance, corrects bad posture and eliminates pain. It’s ideal for after exercise recovery!

80 minutes | €160

Physio-Somatic® Body Treatment

Stress and the pressure to achieve are felt in the body and have negative health effects. Being on the alert all the time causes perpetual muscle tension. Headaches, back and joint pain, persistent fatigue and poor posture are the consequences. Our Physio-Somatic treatment encompasses the whole body but is particularly focused on those areas most affected by osteoarticular tension. Tensions and blockages are resolved, muscles stretched, and the body is re-energised.

90 minutes | €190

Physio-Energetik® BODY

To begin the treatment, we stimulate the lymphatic circulation to support the excretion of toxins. Then your muscles and fasciae are treated with special Bioaromes. Gentle stretching of the longitudinal, shoulder and pelvic muscles as well as the spine enable the body to realign itself. Followed by a synergy cocktail application to supply the joints with nutrients for long term benefits.

50 minutes | €110

Botanical Full Body Renew Slimming Treatment

Feeling sluggish, heavy, fatigued and burnt out? Detox your body, activate your energy and restore natural balance. The Full Body Renew Slimming Treatment starts with a derma-scan to analyse your morphological tendency and is followed by a manual abdominal treatment. We invigorate the body’s energy points to stimulate the digestive system and support the body in eliminating toxins. The body styling programme is completed with a body wrap, either hot or cold depending on how the cellulite presents.

90 minutes | €160
3-cure | €435

TIP: Combine with a Morpho-Lympho Drainage plus a medicinal plant detox for optimum results!

Soothing and Hydrating Body Peeling

This mild enzymatic exfoliating solution gently eliminates dead cells and impurities, leaving skin instantly smooth and velvety soft. The revolutionary soft gel, melt-in texture boosts the skin’s radiant luminosity, while enveloping the body in EviDenS de Beauté divine signature fragrance: Jardin de Grasse.

25 minutes | €70

Botanical Exfoliating Body Treatment

This magnesium scrub reflects the fragrances of an apothecary’s herb garden with its combination of pure natural essentials oils. Calming and anti-oxidising, this scrub is the TEM go-to remedy for healthy skin.

25 minutes | €70

Body forming

A hot or cool detox wrap with active ingredient serums and seaweed to penetrate the skin deeply and quickly. This treatment is anti-inflammatory and encourages the excretion of toxins. Fat cell volume is reduced, treated areas are firmer and more toned. The result is a refined body silhouette! A concluding peel-off mask supports the instantly visible cellulite reduction!

25 minutes | €50

TIP: Combine with a Morpho-Lympho Drainage plus a medicinal plant detox for optimum results!

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