Boost your Immune System

Botanic Health Spa Customised Journeys

4-day treatment programme

from €721

Our Botanical remedy to boost immunity. Ready to reduce stress, get good sleep, regularly exercise and change some of your lifestyle habits?
Start your journey and improve your quality of life.

Benefits of the Programme

Eliminates toxins and stimulates digestion

Natural detoxification

Skin rejuvenation

Boost your Immune System

The Programme

  • 1 Full body screening & insightful diagnosis

  • A personalised training programme to support you on your journey

  • 1 individual 1-hour treatment session focussing on the results from your screening, e.g., recuperation, inflammation management and immune system support

  • 1 Morphological analysis followed by a bespoke facial treatment

  • 1 Morpho-Digestive Treatment to stimulate digestion and support the body in eliminating toxins

  • 1 Morpho-Lymph Drainage to encourage natural detoxification and reduce skin tension

  • Traditional European Medicine supplements, vitamins and minerals (charged seperately)

  • Continue your Botanical remedy at home with our skin rejuvenation discovery set

Your Spa Journey Includes

Choose Your Stay

The Boost your Immune System programme can be booked with or without a stay at the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp. This programme requires a minimum stay of 4 nights.

Botanic Health Spa Double Treatment Room
Embark on Your Customised Journey

Experience Boost your Immune System Programme – treatment day only

Change for Physical Fitness Programme only
Embark on Your Customised Journey

Experience Boost your Immune System Programme + accommodation


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